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Wooden Carving

Welcome to Watthan Artisan Cambodia Website

Watthan Artisans - Cambodia (WAC) is a worker-run cooperative of Cambodian artisans with disabilities. It is a training and production based cooperative that train new students with disabilities in handicraft production and fine woodcarving. Our goal is to improve the living standard of people with disabilities in Cambodia through training and employment.

We are former students of Maryknoll - Wat Than Skills Training Center for Landmine and Polio Disabled in Phnom Penh. Maryknoll ran the Center in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor, Vocational Training and Youth from 1991 through February of 2003. World Vision continued the program until May of 2004.

Since June 2004, the former students of Wat Than, now the staff and producers of WAC - formed an independent cooperative. Today,
we are continually,commitment to providing hope and empowerment to people with disabilities and to participating in the development of Cambodia. Therefore, we have changed our name to Watthan Artisans - Cambodia (WAC) to better reflect our mission.

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